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    Jan 11, 2011
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    I am happy to announce that this forum now hands out awards for your forum accomplishments! These awards are small icons that appear on your forum posts and profiles, they represent your contributions and activity here. Other members will be able to view your awards and see your everlasting efforts. :thumbsup:

    The list of awards can be found here.

    Please be mindful that these awards are not given out automatically, and can only be handed out by admins, so if you think you've earned an award, leave a message asking for one. Just be patient please, and it'll get done. :D

    I would also like to thank everyone who gave out some nice award ideas and names. If you have an idea or an image for an award, post yours in this thread. I'd like to see it, and if it's a good idea or image, it could become a official award. ;)

    More awards are being added, so I hope you enjoy this new feature. I look forward to seeing members showing off their new awards. Enjoy!

    Best regards.
    Admin ◇ Webmaster​

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