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    Summer is just about here, and we need a new banner to show off the Summer fun of Nintendo Realm. Here's your opportunity to create a banner for Nintendo Realm that will last throughout the Summer! Nintendo Realm's banner is the big image you see at the top of every page here, it's what makes the first impression of the site, it is our site's logo and image.

    It's really simple, just design a banner image you think is best for Nintendo Realm, then submit your entry here in a post (use the {IMG}{/IMG} code to embed the image here, replace {} with []). Once all the submissions are collected, voting will start, and whoever has the most votes will have their submitted banner showing for the entire Summer!

    Here are some things you should know:
    • Anyone may participate.
    • This contest is for the default theme banner.
    • The banner size should be exactly 865 × 160 pixels, no bigger and no smaller.
    • The banner should be something Nintendo related, or even better, Nintendo Summer related. It should also have the text "Nintendo Realm" or "NR" somewhere on it.
    • The banner should match the default theme colors and styles of the site, this will make it look better.
    • You can submit only one banner. If you'd like to make changes, or use a different banner for your entry, you may do so as many times as you like until the end of the submission contest.

    At the end of the contest, the winner will not only have their banner for Nintendo Realm showing, but also this award will be handed out to that person:

    Banner Contest Winner

    Submissions will end Saturday June 19th, and voting will start Sunday June 20th. Voting will end Friday June 25th, and then the banner most voted on will go live July 1st.

    Show the Nintendo Realm community your amazing banner making skills! :thumbsup:

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