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Discussion in 'Gaming News' started by Spiral, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Bringing some fresh news to the Nintendo Realm community? Great! But first, there are a few guidelines regarding posting a news article here in the forums from other sites. Please read this carefully.

    No plagiarism, link back to the article.
    Usually, most people copy and paste a news article from a blog onto a forum or somewhere else, but sometimes they forget to place the link to where they found it from. This could be considered plagiarism (stealing someone else's work and calling it your own). Always place a link back to where you found the article from.

    No hotlinking images.
    Many times images are provided in news articles, however when you link an image from a second site, then that's considered hotlinking. This leeches off the second site's bandwidth, which is not allowed. Use a image host like Photobucket, TinyPic, ImageShack, or some other image hosting site, upload the images there, then use the IMG code provided and link them into the article. It may take extra work, but it's the right thing to do.

    Put quoted tags in the article.
    This shows everything in the article, making it look more neater.

    If you have any current news articles that breaks any of these rules, please edit them now.

    This is an example of the correct news article posting way. (Y)

    Thread Subject: Black Ops Most Popular Game in the U.S.


    Your comment about the article here, if you want.


    In addition to posting news articles from other sources, you can also write your own original content and post it in this forum. There's a few requirements that needs to be meant first.

    • Your articles must be 100 words or more, an ideal article would be 200-500 words. Use this word count tool if needed.
    • Your topic should relate to games and entertainment, this includes Nintendo, Sony, PC, and Microsoft games, systems, and accessories.
    • Although it's not required, an image or two relating to your article included would be nice.
    • Check for spelling errors and proofread your work before posting, hit the Preview Post button a few times if you have to.
    • Do not take someone else's article and modify it a little to make it look like your own work.
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