WWE Allstars--An Allstar Showcase

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    For all you in need of a Good, Ol' Fashion "Wrasslin" game--then look no further than THQ's upcoming "WWE Allstars"--coming in late March 2011.

    Taking a page from the Arcade Fighter, and mixing in a healthy roster of Classic and Current WWF/WWE Superstars, this game is likely to please just about ANY fan of Wrestling---I mean "Sports Entertainment".

    Produced by legendary Game Maker, Sal Divita (of 1995's "WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game")--following in the Late-Great MIDWAY Games tradition of the Arcade King, "MORTAL KOMBAT"--if "Allstars" is anything like what we'd expect Midway to do with a current "Mortal Kombat"(2+ years after they dissolved)--then this game may just be "No-Holds-Barred".

    For MORE solid backing, the division of THQ making the game USED to be part of a former Midway Studio--so you know it'll pack alot of the same punch as the games that made Midway the MAINSTAY of the 1990's Arcade Machines.

    Featuring a slew of Past and Present stars, from John Cena, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio--ALL the way to the guys who put the WWF/WWE on the Map; Hulk Hogan, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, and even The Rock!!

    "WWE Allstars" seems to be 'ripped' right out of the old Midway playbook--and will undoubtedly please not only the "Fighter" Crowd, and the "Wrestling" Crowd--but also the "Old-School Arcade" Gamer, as it looks like it belongs in the corner of a Movie Theatre, or Pizza Parlor from the 1990's.

    The game is set for a March 29th release--across ALL Major Platforms.

    Whether or not it'll hold up to it's Legacy is really up to if it can hold its own, and hopefully keep the tradition of what was once Midway Games, alive....

    And hopefully NOT "Tapping Out".


    Source: WWE Allstars Home Page
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    this should be a very interesting game. being a wrestling fan myself i may need to give it a shot, it could be a wrestling game that is completely different from the smackdown vs raw series.

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